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Our Vending Machines and Services

Vend It Now maintains a network of vending operators and sales representatives around the country to assist and  install the best suited vending equipment and machines for your organisation. One of the biggest advantages of Vend it Now is we aren't tied to any one company and do a lot of the leg work for you. We can help in tailoring a specific vending package to your business and pairing you up with a vending company that can meet your business expectations. With Vend It Now, you will receive a dedicated Vending operator who services, maintains, monitors stock levels and most importantly provides a professional service.

We offer all payments types including coin, note and on Pay wave (Tap nGo).

It's a totally FREE service and we make it simple and easy as we know your busy handling work related issues daily so you don't need to worry about the vending as we handle it all.

Choose from a range of eco-friendly Vending Machines. We supply combo style, Drink only and Snack only Vending machines and having the vending companies on board gives us the options of offering some of the largest and best selection of chips, chocolates and drinks. To see a range of products please see our products range page and brochure attached or request a standard vending layout.

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Healthy Vending Machines


At Vend It Now we understand the importance of being healthy and having healthy options available in all our vending packages. We have partnered with some of the best vending companies in Australia and under the independant vending association this enables us to be able to supply wide range of healthy snacks and meals in our vending machines. With a big push in society and mindset to stay healthy and keep active, our vending partners have worked hard and have come up with vending products which are a great alternative and addition to the standard chips, chocolates and cold drinks you may generally see in a vending machine.


We service many industries and organisations from Hospitals, Medical centres to Schools, Universities and Aged Cares. These are all great examples of where we differ and have come up with a healthy product configuration to meet requirements and standards in the business. Our Vending machines can be configured to a healthy only vending option, we can also offer fresh food vending or frozen vending machines which are great for meals and yogurts.

Healthy products are a must in today's vending machines and Vend it Now lead the way and with partners and affiliates who share the same passion and understand the importance of healthy vending means we can offer suitable package to suit any organisation. 


Gym & Fitness Vending Machines

Vend it Now works with companies and suppliers that specialize in tailoring specific packages for gyms and fitness centres. We have been fortune to assist a number of locations around the country offering a service focused around protein and supplement products which suits any gym and member clientele. We can vend all your favourite brands including Musahi, C4, Titan, Opti-bar, Pure Pro 35 just to name a few.

Enquire today for more information and get a FREE Serviced Gym vending option for your members.


Coffee Vending Machines

We work with some of the best independent Vending coffee companies in the country to provide a fantastic coffee vending solution and great addition to your snack and drink vending machine. With major coffee roasters and brands on board like Lavassa and Monjava we make sure your workplace gets a quality bean coffee at a great price. Our Vending Operators will place a coffee machine in your workplace free of charge so why not have a barista style coffee machine today. We offer FREE Vend or pay per cup so send us your contact information and we'll sort the rest.

Coffee creates a great work culture and environment for any business.

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3 simple steps on getting a Vending Machine Installed in your business

1. Pick a date and time for us to visit

2. Confirm machine measurements,              product choices and any special                requests with our representative

3. Arrange install date for your      new snack, drink or coffee vending machine/s

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